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Interviews with playwrights

Daniel Keene

Lally Katz

Marius von Mayenburg

Franz Xaver Kroetz

Ariel Dorfman

Fin Kennedy

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Australian theatre

Patrick White, playwright

Olive as Tragic Hero: Summer of the Seventeenth Doll

How Australian is it? Australian Theatre and Nationalism (Overland Journal)

Trapped by the Past

The Australian Theatre Forum, plus a meditation on innovation

In Which Ms TN Discourses At Length

Plays - second class literature?

The Trouble with Craven

The Birthday Party Revisited

On Ecstasy: Barrie Kosky

Playwright as Social Symptom: on Hilary Glow's Power Plays

Sunday Sermon: thoughts arising from the STC Actors Company

Contemporary Australian Drama

The Williamson Syndrome


The Imaginative Life and the Social Responsibility of Writers

The Poetic of Theatre

National Cultural Policy preamble

A divagation 

A Matter of Art: Henson and Mills

Gender and all that

Hope and so on

On art, children and scandal

Getting heard: the realpolitick of arts advocacy

The Writer, the Theatre, the Play

Theatre of Difference, by Daniel Keene

Small Companies and Community Theatre, by Daniel Keene

The Irresponsible Mr Barker


Acceptance speech for the Geraldine Pascall Critic of the Year prize (pdf)

The return of the amateur critic

A divagation on criticism

The Rise of the Amateur

On turning into a Crrritic

On being libelled

Shall I compare thee…? On making comparisons

A confession of sorts

The First Post


Helplessness, grief, Agency: A Personal Note

Launch Speech: Phillip Salom's Keepers


Nothing at all to do with theatre