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Image:  Denise (Black Square)  by Paul Cava

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Paul Cava

Artworks from Children of Adam, poems by Walt Whitman

Biographies of contributors


|  Masthead 10 Feature:  Irish Poetry

Mairéad Byrne 
Brian Coffey
Anamaría Crowe Serrano
Denis Devlin
Fergal Gaynor
Matthew Geden
Trevor Joyce
David Lloyd
Thomas MacGreevy
Medbh McGuckian
Niall Montgomery
Maggie O'Sullivan
Maurice Scully
Michael Smith 
Geoffrey Squires
Catherine Walsh
Augustus Young

Essay: Alex Davis

|  Prose

Eliot Fintushel

|  Texts for  Theatre

Margaret Cameron

The Proscenium
Jasmine Chan
Chris Goode
from O Vienna
George Hunka
In Private
Essay: Preparing a Theater: Presumptions of an Erotic Tragedy
Daniel Keene
Boy With No Face
from Elephant People
|  Poems

MTC Cronin

from The Catastrophe of Meaning
from God is Waiting
Fred Moten
Tony Oxley
Steve Harney's Uncollected City
The Club
Njeeri Wa Thiong'o
Hugues C. Pernath
The Eight Deadly Sins
Kuba Mokrosinski
The Last Hunt
The Rent
Master of Ruins
Kenji Siratori
Sophie Mayer
Recovery Positions
César Vallejo
The Jackpot
A Sacred Unleafing
A Nervation of Anguish
A Communion
Christmas Eve
George Szirtes
As If
On Half a Line of Peter Scupham's
The Child as Metaphor
Dominic Fox

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From Half Cocks
R. Radhakrishnan 
Her Loveliness
The Terrorist
The Letter
The Word of the Gecko
Stephen Vincent
Ghost Walks
Simon Perchik
Seven Poems
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